Our Leadership

Our leaders are guided by the organization’s mission to promote trade and become a facilitator for commerce between Cambodia and the USA.
Kim Chha Hout
executive vp
Norman Arikawa
Marja Hout
Bonim Ouk
legal counsel
Crisostomo Ibarra
vp operations & business development
Sokunthy Paul Huon
vp emerging market & trade mission
Kin Hui
VP information technology & Chief Information Officer
Borin Ean
VP Marketing & Public Relations
Mark Matsumoto
Deputy Vice President Emerging market
Paul Kambur
deputy vice president Events
Richard Brown
deputy vice president Finance
Chansamphors Chiek
Deputy Vice President marketing
Sophaline Mao
Deputy Vice President Public relations
Daniel Sieu
Director of Education/Training
Tim Park
Director of Membership
Peter Kong
Deputy Director Membership
Jimmy Thach
Deputy Director International Membership
Jesse McCaul
Deputy director Membership
Mony Nop
Saturne Sam
Press & Digital
Sokunthea Chourn